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I facilitate a collaborative process to help reveal the source of imbalances in life, define core values and assess what areas need further development in order to grow emotional and mental strength and experience a calmer, less stressed, and more joyful life.

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Throughout the sessions, I help to do the following:

  • Understand conditioned patterns, habits, and beliefs that may be obstacles to enjoying and experiencing a calmer, less stressed personal and work life

  • Manage stress at the workplace
  • Discover the abundance of resources that help lead a more fulfilled life
  • Become more present, compassionate, aware, resilient, and empowered in your life
  • Gain more clarity and discover what a fulfilling and authentic life experience means
  • Provide tools to deal with an inner critic and develop compassion towards yourself and others

Mindfulness Coaching Format

Coaching sessions can take place remotely via online (e.g. Skype, Messenger, etc.), and can also be in-person, depending on the location. I am currently based in Svendborg and Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Each session generally takes 60 minutes, and the coaching relationship can last a few weeks or several months, depending on your needs.


It is my aim to offer mindfulness coaching to everyone at an affordable rate, regardless of a financial background. 

First session

There is no “fixed rate” for the first 60-minute session. It is on donation basis and you will pay, what you feel is appropriate. There’s no “right” or “wrong” level of payment, and there’s no commitment for further sessions.

Following sessions

After the initial consultation, sessions are offered at the following rate: 550 DKK / 85 USD / 250 ZAR


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