Mindfulness for a Resilient Life


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This weekly course introduces the practice of mindfulness.

This intensive six-week mindfulness course will teach you how to use simple tools like breath to manage stress and difficult emotions, stay calm, be present, more focused and happier. It will help you develop compassion and patience by letting go of thoughts, and self-judgment.

Through mindfulness meditation, and exercises, you will learn how to develop greater clarity and perspective and will be empowered to respond wisely to life’s ups and downs.


The Mindfulness for a Resilient Life course is open to all, regardless of your previous experience with meditation or mindfulness. The course is for everyone interested in learning about mindfulness practices to navigate through the challenges of everyday life and to improve their well-being.

No previous experience in mindfulness practice or meditation is required.

A calm mind feels good.

A calm mind feels good.

This six-week course will deep-dive and explore the following:

  • How body and brain respond to stress 
  • How to manage stress 
  • How to apply mindful communication and listening in everyday life
  • How to develop a conscious relationship with your body to find greater support during periods of stress or emotional difficulty
  • How to cultivate awareness and focus on deepening your meditation practice
  • How to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being with mindfulness practices
  • How to increase mental focus, and creativity
  • How to deal with your inner critic through compassion and kindness practices
  • How to integrate mindfulness into everyday life

The success of the program depends on your commitment to a personal daily practice (at least 30 minutes daily) between classes.

The benefits of the Mindfulness for A Resilient Life program:

  • Decreased stress levels and better stress management

  • Improved management of difficult emotions and situations

  • Greater well-being, including improved quality of sleep

  • Increased creativity and productivity

  • Improved memory and focus

  • Improved interpersonal relationships



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